Radio Communications

These are the NHS State Codes for use on the Radio. It is imperative you use these as they make communications easier for NHS and beyond

State 1 – On duty

State 2 – On patrol

State 3 – At the Station

State 4 – Break (Max 15 minutes)

State 5 – On route to destination - followed by the destination

State 6 – Arrived at destination - followed by the destination

State 7 – In Training

State 8 – In surgery/CT scan/X-Ray - Any Hospital room with specialist equipment

State 9 – Patient transport to Hospital - Followed by Category

State 10 - Going off duty

State Z – Government sit

These are the Categories to be used when transporting a patient back to hospital. It allows those expecting the patient knowledge of the severity of the injuries and how to prepare for their arrival.

Category 1 -- Immediate Risk to Life -- Cardiac Arrest/Respiratory arrest etc

Category 2 -- Serious Transport -- Stroke, or Chest Pains, or Pain not reduced by Medication

Category 3 -- Urgent Transport -- Diabetic, requiring further or Non-Paramedic Medication

Category 4 -- Non-Urgent -- Requires Hospital Treatment, Scan or Ward admission for further assessment